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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Does Kakadu Juice Cure Cancer?

The official company policy is to not make any health or medical claims on Kakadu Juice and who can blame them for that when governments around the globe will attack any company to make such claims. The above photograph of a news article I found in the daily paper on August 4th, 2008 is a good example of a company being prosecuted for evidently telling the truth.

You be the judge.
Here's some of what the article said...

" A University of Sydney cancer research team last year claimed antioxidants in Dr Red's blueberry punch killed the cells of five different cancers in clinical tests.

Research fellow Jas Singh said prostate, breast, bladder, colon and stomach cancers were all dramatically reduced after two weeks of treatment".

The company is being prosecuted by Queensland Health for alleged breach of Queensland Food Act 2006. Seems they made the mistake of publishing the cancer research teams findings on their website.

The thing I find really odd is that the government does not dispute the claim. Rather it is charging the company with publishing the findings. Since when is speaking the truth a crime?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News - Kakadu Juice soon to be Benzoate Free!

I spoke with Dr. George Kowalski yesterday about my concern over Sodium Benzoate and I'm pleased to report that Kakadu Juice is now Benzoate Free and a new label for the product will reflect that fact. Kakadu International is a young Network Marketing company that is willing to listen to peoples concerns and take steps to improve their products and marketing. Unfortunately it's still months away from opening a warehouse in the USA and although I've shipped bottles to the States from my home in Australia the shipping cost nearly equals the retail price. Ditto for shipping URI Internationals wonderful products to OZ. So I'll continue to promote Kakadu Juice to fellow Australians and URI International to residents of the USA until each company figures out how to reduce the shipping cost to an acceptable level. My wife and I can afford to pay for international shipping but the high cost limits these wonder products to mostly people living in the same country these superfoods are grown in. But I will still be sending Kakadu Juice samples to the USA and I'm stocking up on URI International product samples for people in Australia as when the time is right both of these companies will be building large marketing organizations globally. That's the great thing about Network Marketing - you can build your business from any location on the planet where you can get internet access whether you are living in a log cabin in Alaska or the OutBack of Australia. Contact me if you would like to sample the finest superfood products that the Network Marketing industry has to offer.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Health and Fitness Secret Many MLM Companies and Distributors Hope You Never Discover.

Many people who promote health and wellness products like Kakadu Juice want you to buy their product first and won’t tell you what I’m about to share with you. No matter how good a food and vitamin supplement may be, what matters most is eating the way nature intended you to. Before buying Kakadu Juice (The Best All Natural Commercial Health Juice On The Planet) go get yourself a good blender and start making and drinking Green Smoothies. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Did you see the movie “SuperSize Me” where Morgan Spurlock documented his 30 day diet of Big Macs and Diet Sodas that turned his liver into pâté, packed the weight on and skyrocketed his cholesterol and blood pressure?

If you haven’t seen the Supersize Me film click here to watch a short video of Morgan Spurlock talk about what he did after the 30 day fast food junk diet nearly destroyed his liver .

But more importantly you can learn how to reverse the damage of junk foods by making a simple change in your eating habits. There are several new films available now that document the amazing health benefits of eating Raw Food the way nature intended you to.

No expensive MLM Magic Pills, Lotions or Potions can ever replace mother nature. That’s why I decided to “Go Raw Now” and made the commitment to drink Kakadu Juice and Green Smoothies.

Kakadu Juice costs $1.00 a day so many people may not be able to afford to drink it on a daily basis but almost anyone can start their day off by blending up and drinking "delicious raw green smoothies" made with dark greens and fruit from your local foodmarket or better yet – grow and eat your own fresh organic produce if you can.

The sweet thing about this is that you don’t have to give up anything to benefit from drinking green smoothies. I promise you that once you start making and drinking green smoothies your desire for junk foods will diminish and your energy levels will explode!

At least that’s what my personal experience has proved to me. Diets just don’t work because when you eat processed junk foods whether you cooked them yourself or bought them in a restaurant or fast food joint, you're body is always left starved and deprived of nutrients so sooner or later you binge even more in a futile attempt to provide your body and tastes buds with what everyone craves. (raw unprocessed chocolate is actually a very healthy superfood) But the empty calories provided by cooked / processed foods can never satisfy us for very long so the only way to better health is to make better choices starting today.

For over 50 years I like most Americans have been digging my grave with my teeth. When I moved to Australia in 2004 I soon found that a higher percentage of the population were into alternative health treatments than back in the USA. But most of the alternative treatments that I’ve heard of offer little or no scientific proof that they work any better than taking a placebo pill. But what is scientifically proven to work is exercise, meditation or prayer and ingesting certain pure raw organic foods the way God and nature has always intended for us to do.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Start drinking Green Smoothies and prove to yourself that you can reverse a lifetime of bad eating habits and prevent yourself going to an early grave. People all over the world are discovering that they can choose to never be sick again! Thank your creator that you have been given you what you need. Now it is up to each one of us to receive more life and enjoy the present more by expressing gratitude and making better choices with what we know right now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mounting Evidence Shows Red Wine Antioxidant Resveratrol Kills Cancer

Did you read todays headlines about the caner killing ability of resveratrol? Seems hardly a week goes by without hearing more news about the super antioxidant resveraltrol. But scientist do not recommend increasing alcohol consumption especially for women because of the increase or breast cancer recently linked to alcohol. You are far better off getting your reseveratrol from natural non toxic sources like grape juice. The problem with grape juice is it contains less reseveratrol than does red wine so one would have to drink large amounts and most fruit juices are high in calories and sugars which can pack extra weight on fast. A much better solution is "Kakadu Juice" because a 1oz or 30ml dosage contains as much resveratrol as 4 liters of red wine without high calories, sugar and the toxicity of alcohol.

If you didn't see the news today or headlines in your local newspaper you can catch up on the latest findings at: ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2008) — Rochester researchers showed for the first time that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell's core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling its function.

Resveratrol appears to kill off cancer cells by depolarizing (demagnetizing) mitochondrial bodies within tumor cells. Resveratrol is 100 anti-cancer drugs in one. Resveratrol works in so many ways to block cancer, researchers can’t find a cancer-promotion pathway it doesn’t inhibit. It is virtually non-toxic since, after oral ingestion, it is quickly metabolized by the liver, attached to a detoxification molecule called glucuronate, which renders it harmless, though biologically inactive, at least for a time.

At the site of tumors cells there is an unzipping enzyme (glucuronidase) that uncouples resveratrol from glucuronate. This is nature’s "drug delivery system," releasing resveratrol at the right time and place. This explains resveratrol’s stealthiness. [Cancer Letters 231: 113–22, 2006; Oncogene 23: 6702–11, 2004; Toxicology Letters 161: 1–9, 2006; World Journal Gastroenterology 12: 5628–34, 2006; Investigative Ophthalmology Visual Science 47: 3708–16, 2006; Cancer Detection Prevention 30: 217-23, 2006; Molecular Cancer Therapy 4: 554–61, 2005; Journal Biological Chemistry 278: 41482–90, 2003]

Thursday, March 13, 2008


To succeed in any MLM / Network Marketing program we all need to switch our CVS to a BVS. If you don’t know what a CVS or a BVS is it’s because you haven’t yet installed Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's Software for your Brain. Here’s a link to a one hour video of Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson explaining how to upgrade the 2500 year old software for the Brain that many of us have been programed with since birth to a new and better 'software for the brain'. Watching the video will help you to understand the process but to fully upgrade your brain you’ll need to reinforce the installation of your software by reading his book “Software For Your Brain”. Once you upgrade your brains software it’s time to learn what really works for the clever MLMer.

Below is an excerpt from DR. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s book WOMBAT SELLING.

The Clever MLMer

For over 20 years I have been fascinated by MLM systems. There are two varieties: get-rich-quick and build-your-business. The vast majority of people have failed to meet their expectations. This is mostly due to the hyped-up, unrealistic oldsell expectations that are widely proclaimed by greedy get-rich-quick merchants. Caveat emptor. Yet I have know a small minority of people who have met and even surpassed all their expectations. By using the build-your-business attitude and servicing a retail network of satisfied customers these people receive healthy monthly incomes which steadily increase as each satisfied customers WOMs the product and evolves into a downline sub-distributor.

The most successful and clever MLMers have one Golden Rule:

Never accept a new distributor downline unless they are already a satisfied retail customer. No exceptions!

A satisfied customer is one who is WOM-qualified. Evidence of this is a customer who has bought and used the product at retail and then wants to re-order. Such a customer is genuinely qualified to WOM. Only then, at the earliest, does a clever MLMer allow such a customer to become a sub-distributor. Those who understand replication systems can use this policy to build a strong and deep MLM business in 12 to 36 months.

Devils and Wombats

In working with MLM organizations, I try to help them choose between two contrasting strategies: Devils and wombats. The devil-style is oldsell and DEVIL stands for Daily Enthusiastic Victories and Inspirational Leadership. Few people have escaped contact with these Rah! Rah! Rah! Sect-like schemes of the follow-the-leader variety. They are famous for their exaggerated claims, their intimidation and high-pressure, oldsell sales tricks.

Devils often begin their new customer relationship with a lie like, ‘Come over to my place for a coffee’. When you get there it’s a sales pitch for an MLM company. Some devil-style organizations encourage this and call it the ‘curiosity approach’. I call it the stupidity approach. It’s hard to see how you could abuse a customer more than to begin the relationship with a lie!

By contrast there is the wombat-style of MLM system. This is a newsell style and WOMBAT stands for Word-of-Mouth Buy And Tell. This is a pure system which is simple to replicate because most ten-year-olds can do it. It sticks to the Golden Rule mentioned above and is built only on a rock-solid base of satisfied customers who:

1) first buy the product at retail. Then
2) when they are satisfied, they tell others about it.

This is the true WOMBAT: Word of mouth through buy and tell.

In my experience the wombats outlast the devils 100 to 1. I only wish I had been taught about it when I was ten years old. With compound interest I would have been a millionaire by the time I was called up for Viet Nam!” End of quote….

Here’s a link to another one hour video that explains what you just read in more detail. Before you watch it take the time to first watch part one “Software For The Brain” before watching part two.

After that I suggest you reinforce the videos by reading Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s books several times like I did until the information and software is fully uploaded to your brain. He is giving boths books away as PDF files. Go here to download both books for Free! You can also find them printed in hardcover and paperback available in better book shops everywhere!

To sign up for his free Newsell Coaching Lessons vist his bolg at:

Kakadu International has designed a promotional strategy that is a perfect fit for
Dr Hewitt-Gleeson's Wombat style of Newsell vs Oldsell techniques. So before you join us in bringing Kakadu Juice to the masses do yourself a favor and qualify yourself to join our MLM Opportunity by first purchasing and trying a bottle. How can you expect anyone to purchase a bottle of Kakadu Juice at retail from you unless you yourself are a satisfied customer who loves the product based on his or her own personal experience? If you sell the dream first and the money doesn't come quick enough your 'get-rich-quick program of the month MLM junkie's (DEVILS)will jump ship. Make sure those you choose to sponsor and work with are Wombat qualified and are in it for the long haul. That's a better way to building and keeping a large Network Marketing organization!

Dr Michael Hetwitt-Gleeson is a Melbourne-based author, motivational speaker and cognitive scientist, whose research has been in designing human thinking strategies and what he calls 'software for the brain'. In 1979 he co-founded the School of Thinking in New York City with Dr Edward de Bono and in 1980, Dr de Bono was Michael's tutor for the world's first PhD in Lateral Thinking. Since then, Michael's training lessons have reached over 70 million people worldwide. He is acknowledged for having provided the theoretical base for the current trend of 'customer-driven' strategies which informed sales and marketing in the 1980s and '90s and led to the evolution of darwinian marketing, e-commerce,permission marketing and viral marketing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Power Tip - The 45 Second Close That Never Fails!

Here’s a tip I learned from my business coach Val Smyth on how to get someone interested enough to say yes to taking a look at your business.

After taking a few minutes to get to know the other person ask them “How much money would it take each month to put a smile on your face?” Let’s say they answer $10,000 – You then simply ask “If I can show you a way to make an extra $10,000 - $15,000 per month within 3 to 4 months working just 2 to 3 hours per day from home, Would that be worth 12 minutes of your time to get more information?

You then direct them to your website video or company conference call or recorded sizzle message.

Val has earned over 30 Million Dollars thanks in large part to the above question. The only way someone could answer no to it is if they simply did not understand you or they choose to lie because they don’t trust and like you. That’s why establishing trust, credibility and creating rapport with everyone you meet is so very important to your success.

I’d like to send you a free 90 minute CD packed full of more tips like this one. Just call or email me your with your mailing address to receive yours.

View my page on ProsperityCast TV

Friday, January 4, 2008

How You Can Use Kakadu Internationals Simple Secret To MLM Success To Build A Large Network Marketing Business Retailing Kakadu Juice!

I’ll get right to the point. . . the secret to building a very real and very profitable home based business is this:

It is far easier to earn an extra $500 per month retailing your products than it is to build a downline.

The reason why most newcomers to the MLM / Network Marketing industry fail to build a profitable business is not their fault because they are being trained by their uplines to “Sell The Dream”, “Sell The Income Opportunity”, “Sell Financial Independence”, “Sell Time Freedom and Lifestyle”.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. You cant teach people to duplicate what you yourself have not done. If you are not already earning $20,000 per month with your income opportunity you simply don’t qualify to teach that skill to others.

But this is exactly what 98% of Network Marketers do. They haven’t made any real money because they just got started and instead of their upline telling them to start at square one and learn how to retail the products, newcomers are taught to sell the dream.

If you really want to succeed then Kakadu International has a simple 3 step action plan that will, over time, produce big results. Don’t let the simplicity of it or the fact that it requires real work to stop you from living your dreams.

The simple 3 steps to success are:

1) Drink it. You must be your own best customer before you can expect others to purchase from you.

2) Share it. This can be as easy as lending one new person a day a Kakadu K-Pod sponsoring tool or sending them to your Free Kakadu Website. See mine at:

3) Leverage and Duplicate your efforts by showing others how doing 1 & 2 can make them Wealthy and Healthy!

You are not going to get rich by doing nothing but telling others that they can get rich selling Kakadu Juice or anything else, no matter how good the product is. The only way to make a profit in this business is to:

1) Drink Kakadu Juice yourself. How can you expect anyone else to buy it and drink it if you don’t believe in your product enough to be your own best customer?

2) Share it. Put together information packs with a company brochure, fact sheet, DVD movie presentation (K-Pod) and sample bottle. Hand someone you know a big bottle of Kakadu Juice along with an information package, tell them you are a new distributor for Kakadu International and you would like to them to try a sample bottle of Kakadu Juice. Give them the sample for free or charge them $2 - $3 for it. Tell them to take both the sample bottle and the full bottle home with them and watch the 12 minute DVD, look over the fact sheet and brochure and if they like the taste they can pay you for the full bottle or return it. Kakadu Juice comes with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after a couple of weeks they decide they don’t like drinking Kakadu Juice simply return the bottle to you for a refund. The company will send you a replacement bottle.

3) Help others to duplicate the above two steps and then help their customers to do the same and your success is guaranteed! If you ask people to sample and try Kakadu Juice they will. If they try it most if not all will like it. Many of those who like it will buy it and will be inspired to tell others about how great it is resulting in more retail profits for you. And some of your retail customers will decide to start their own home-based business selling Kakadu Juice!

Anyone can drink a bottle each month and make 3 new friends / customers who would also like to drink a bottle of Kakadu Juice each month. The more they drink it, the more they’ll like it and the more people they will share it with. Do these few things well and in a years time you will have a huge business. And you won’t be found guilty of trying to sell any pie in the sky, get rich quick, without working fantasies. Instead you’ll be walking your talk and will lead by example, showing others how retailing for profits is what really works when it comes to moving products and recruiting a downline.

Rich Dad - Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Explains Why This Could Be The Perfect Business!