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Thursday, March 13, 2008


To succeed in any MLM / Network Marketing program we all need to switch our CVS to a BVS. If you don’t know what a CVS or a BVS is it’s because you haven’t yet installed Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's Software for your Brain. Here’s a link to a one hour video of Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson explaining how to upgrade the 2500 year old software for the Brain that many of us have been programed with since birth to a new and better 'software for the brain'. Watching the video will help you to understand the process but to fully upgrade your brain you’ll need to reinforce the installation of your software by reading his book “Software For Your Brain”. Once you upgrade your brains software it’s time to learn what really works for the clever MLMer.

Below is an excerpt from DR. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s book WOMBAT SELLING.

The Clever MLMer

For over 20 years I have been fascinated by MLM systems. There are two varieties: get-rich-quick and build-your-business. The vast majority of people have failed to meet their expectations. This is mostly due to the hyped-up, unrealistic oldsell expectations that are widely proclaimed by greedy get-rich-quick merchants. Caveat emptor. Yet I have know a small minority of people who have met and even surpassed all their expectations. By using the build-your-business attitude and servicing a retail network of satisfied customers these people receive healthy monthly incomes which steadily increase as each satisfied customers WOMs the product and evolves into a downline sub-distributor.

The most successful and clever MLMers have one Golden Rule:

Never accept a new distributor downline unless they are already a satisfied retail customer. No exceptions!

A satisfied customer is one who is WOM-qualified. Evidence of this is a customer who has bought and used the product at retail and then wants to re-order. Such a customer is genuinely qualified to WOM. Only then, at the earliest, does a clever MLMer allow such a customer to become a sub-distributor. Those who understand replication systems can use this policy to build a strong and deep MLM business in 12 to 36 months.

Devils and Wombats

In working with MLM organizations, I try to help them choose between two contrasting strategies: Devils and wombats. The devil-style is oldsell and DEVIL stands for Daily Enthusiastic Victories and Inspirational Leadership. Few people have escaped contact with these Rah! Rah! Rah! Sect-like schemes of the follow-the-leader variety. They are famous for their exaggerated claims, their intimidation and high-pressure, oldsell sales tricks.

Devils often begin their new customer relationship with a lie like, ‘Come over to my place for a coffee’. When you get there it’s a sales pitch for an MLM company. Some devil-style organizations encourage this and call it the ‘curiosity approach’. I call it the stupidity approach. It’s hard to see how you could abuse a customer more than to begin the relationship with a lie!

By contrast there is the wombat-style of MLM system. This is a newsell style and WOMBAT stands for Word-of-Mouth Buy And Tell. This is a pure system which is simple to replicate because most ten-year-olds can do it. It sticks to the Golden Rule mentioned above and is built only on a rock-solid base of satisfied customers who:

1) first buy the product at retail. Then
2) when they are satisfied, they tell others about it.

This is the true WOMBAT: Word of mouth through buy and tell.

In my experience the wombats outlast the devils 100 to 1. I only wish I had been taught about it when I was ten years old. With compound interest I would have been a millionaire by the time I was called up for Viet Nam!” End of quote….

Here’s a link to another one hour video that explains what you just read in more detail. Before you watch it take the time to first watch part one “Software For The Brain” before watching part two.

After that I suggest you reinforce the videos by reading Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s books several times like I did until the information and software is fully uploaded to your brain. He is giving boths books away as PDF files. Go here to download both books for Free! You can also find them printed in hardcover and paperback available in better book shops everywhere!

To sign up for his free Newsell Coaching Lessons vist his bolg at:

Kakadu International has designed a promotional strategy that is a perfect fit for
Dr Hewitt-Gleeson's Wombat style of Newsell vs Oldsell techniques. So before you join us in bringing Kakadu Juice to the masses do yourself a favor and qualify yourself to join our MLM Opportunity by first purchasing and trying a bottle. How can you expect anyone to purchase a bottle of Kakadu Juice at retail from you unless you yourself are a satisfied customer who loves the product based on his or her own personal experience? If you sell the dream first and the money doesn't come quick enough your 'get-rich-quick program of the month MLM junkie's (DEVILS)will jump ship. Make sure those you choose to sponsor and work with are Wombat qualified and are in it for the long haul. That's a better way to building and keeping a large Network Marketing organization!

Dr Michael Hetwitt-Gleeson is a Melbourne-based author, motivational speaker and cognitive scientist, whose research has been in designing human thinking strategies and what he calls 'software for the brain'. In 1979 he co-founded the School of Thinking in New York City with Dr Edward de Bono and in 1980, Dr de Bono was Michael's tutor for the world's first PhD in Lateral Thinking. Since then, Michael's training lessons have reached over 70 million people worldwide. He is acknowledged for having provided the theoretical base for the current trend of 'customer-driven' strategies which informed sales and marketing in the 1980s and '90s and led to the evolution of darwinian marketing, e-commerce,permission marketing and viral marketing.

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JO said...

Hi Steve
I've been thoroughly enjoying your articles. I'm already a WOMBAT with KJ - been in 7 months since Oct 07. My husband & I, now 60, who live in King Island and are permanently employed here, were looking for a way to get healthier and give ourselves an income once we stopped working. We went looking and found the mighty Kakadu Juice and haven't been the same since. PTL!

One of our sons Steve, who's in Toowoomba and who actually is enjoying the juice, nevetheless has qualms about the fact that the bottle doesn't display the quantities of vitamins and minerals. The Company says it doesn't have to as its a whole food, not a supplement, but it does say "Supplement Facts" on the top of the label.

So I was just cruising, checking out labelling laws - (though I certainly can't believe for one minute that Kak Int would try and trick us or sell us something that isn't all there - like Ribena Juice) However, as a mum who wants to help her son get past what he's beginning to worry may even be a set-up, (he's the uni student who MUST have a flawless answer) I wanted to excavate the real deal with labelling.... not just give him another Company answer.

Anyway I managed to stumble across your site, and its been most stimulating. If you want to reply at all please email me at: (ignore, below - that's just for airfares).

We are positioned in the network under Mike Hodgson, and Peter Kroesche - Where do you fit into the family relationship?

Must go, its lovely chatting. Cheers to you both. Jo Petrovic

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