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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Health and Fitness Secret Many MLM Companies and Distributors Hope You Never Discover.

Many people who promote health and wellness products like Kakadu Juice want you to buy their product first and won’t tell you what I’m about to share with you. No matter how good a food and vitamin supplement may be, what matters most is eating the way nature intended you to. Before buying Kakadu Juice (The Best All Natural Commercial Health Juice On The Planet) go get yourself a good blender and start making and drinking Green Smoothies. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Did you see the movie “SuperSize Me” where Morgan Spurlock documented his 30 day diet of Big Macs and Diet Sodas that turned his liver into pâté, packed the weight on and skyrocketed his cholesterol and blood pressure?

If you haven’t seen the Supersize Me film click here to watch a short video of Morgan Spurlock talk about what he did after the 30 day fast food junk diet nearly destroyed his liver .

But more importantly you can learn how to reverse the damage of junk foods by making a simple change in your eating habits. There are several new films available now that document the amazing health benefits of eating Raw Food the way nature intended you to.

No expensive MLM Magic Pills, Lotions or Potions can ever replace mother nature. That’s why I decided to “Go Raw Now” and made the commitment to drink Kakadu Juice and Green Smoothies.

Kakadu Juice costs $1.00 a day so many people may not be able to afford to drink it on a daily basis but almost anyone can start their day off by blending up and drinking "delicious raw green smoothies" made with dark greens and fruit from your local foodmarket or better yet – grow and eat your own fresh organic produce if you can.

The sweet thing about this is that you don’t have to give up anything to benefit from drinking green smoothies. I promise you that once you start making and drinking green smoothies your desire for junk foods will diminish and your energy levels will explode!

At least that’s what my personal experience has proved to me. Diets just don’t work because when you eat processed junk foods whether you cooked them yourself or bought them in a restaurant or fast food joint, you're body is always left starved and deprived of nutrients so sooner or later you binge even more in a futile attempt to provide your body and tastes buds with what everyone craves. (raw unprocessed chocolate is actually a very healthy superfood) But the empty calories provided by cooked / processed foods can never satisfy us for very long so the only way to better health is to make better choices starting today.

For over 50 years I like most Americans have been digging my grave with my teeth. When I moved to Australia in 2004 I soon found that a higher percentage of the population were into alternative health treatments than back in the USA. But most of the alternative treatments that I’ve heard of offer little or no scientific proof that they work any better than taking a placebo pill. But what is scientifically proven to work is exercise, meditation or prayer and ingesting certain pure raw organic foods the way God and nature has always intended for us to do.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Start drinking Green Smoothies and prove to yourself that you can reverse a lifetime of bad eating habits and prevent yourself going to an early grave. People all over the world are discovering that they can choose to never be sick again! Thank your creator that you have been given you what you need. Now it is up to each one of us to receive more life and enjoy the present more by expressing gratitude and making better choices with what we know right now.

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