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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News - Kakadu Juice soon to be Benzoate Free!

I spoke with Dr. George Kowalski yesterday about my concern over Sodium Benzoate and I'm pleased to report that Kakadu Juice is now Benzoate Free and a new label for the product will reflect that fact. Kakadu International is a young Network Marketing company that is willing to listen to peoples concerns and take steps to improve their products and marketing. Unfortunately it's still months away from opening a warehouse in the USA and although I've shipped bottles to the States from my home in Australia the shipping cost nearly equals the retail price. Ditto for shipping URI Internationals wonderful products to OZ. So I'll continue to promote Kakadu Juice to fellow Australians and URI International to residents of the USA until each company figures out how to reduce the shipping cost to an acceptable level. My wife and I can afford to pay for international shipping but the high cost limits these wonder products to mostly people living in the same country these superfoods are grown in. But I will still be sending Kakadu Juice samples to the USA and I'm stocking up on URI International product samples for people in Australia as when the time is right both of these companies will be building large marketing organizations globally. That's the great thing about Network Marketing - you can build your business from any location on the planet where you can get internet access whether you are living in a log cabin in Alaska or the OutBack of Australia. Contact me if you would like to sample the finest superfood products that the Network Marketing industry has to offer.

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