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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to tell if your potential business partner is going to succeed or fail in your business.

Here’s a success tip from the creator of the free 7 day MLM Bootcamp at

“How to tell if your potential business partner is going to succeed or fail in your business. Easy... Ask them this question: "So which books are you currently reading on self-development and marketing?" Anyone who is TRULY serious about being a successful entrepreneur will be able to name at least one book they are reading right now. Those who can't, are just kidding themselves”.

It’s true. Leaders are readers and the only way to succeed in Network Marketing is to find and develop leaders. If you are not reading at least one new book a month then you just don’t have enough desire to build a successful marketing organization. Kakadu International has a great product and system for sharing the business with others. But it is still up to the leaders to pick up the tools, educate themselves and go to work.

If you’d like to receive a Kakadu K-Pod which consists of a DVD presentation along with a small sample bottle of Kakadu juice just email or call and tell me what books you are reading. If you haven’t read any personal development and marketing books in the last few weeks do us a favour and don’t bother to join our ground floor opportunity.

Here’s just some of the books I read in just the last 90 days … “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, “The Trick To Money Is Having Some” by Stuart Wilde, Wombat Selling – How To Sell By Word Of Mouth” by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, “How To Write Articles for Profit and PR” by Mel Lewis, “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends” by Michael Oliver and “Your Right To Be Rich – The 9 No Bull Laws of Speed Wealth” by Mal Emery.

Walk into a wage slaves house, look around and take notice of their prized possessions. Chances are what you will find is a living room filled with knickknacks and a television set. Walk into a Rich persons home and ask to see their most prized possessions and chances are they will show you their library.

How many of the books in your personal library have you read? Do you have a library room in your house? Do you have a bookcase filled with self development, marketing, business and investment books? Or is your prized possession a stereo and TV?

Now let me share something with you. Just 5 years ago I was bankrupted and going nowhere fast. Driving a truck back in the States for $7 an hour. I was so depressed I wasted my spare time in front of the Television absorbing all the constant negativity of CNN and Fox News. But today I live in sunny Queensland Australia, earn several thousand dollars every week working from the privacy and comfort of home and don’t own a Television set. My wife and I didn’t even hear about the Tsunami until a month after it had happen. Do you think that giving up TV and reading more had anything to do with my new found life? Well the truth is… I read a book Christmas eve 2002 that a friend had sent me. Published about a hundred years ago “The Science of Getting Rich” By Wattles Wallace. It was the inspiration to the movie “The Secret”. I mentioned the book to another friend who told me about the forum at:

The first post I made on that forum attracted my future wife. Which lead me to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Which lead me back to doing photography and Network Marketing again. Two things I loved but had failed at in the pass because I was spending more time watching TV instead of doing the things that count.

If you are not where you want to be in life try watching a little less TV and read a little more!

Merry Christmas

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