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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How To Choose The Right Product and Opportunity For You!

Dear Potential Business Partner, Choosing the right company, with the right product, and with the right marketing system can help you to reach your goals much faster just as a Maseratti or Lamborghini will out preform an old Ford Model T, but it will not determine your end result.

True wealth and freedom in the MLM - Network Marketing industry is only achieved after you have developed 1 - 5 leaders who can stand independently of you and develop leaders on their own, we know that Kakadu Juice is the greatest product this industry has ever seen but there are very wealthy multiple six figure income earners in companies with very mediocre products.

That's because the magic lies in more than having the right product alone. The real magic lies in learning how to and becoming a leader in this industry. One who has developed the skills to succeed with any Network Marketing program. The magic lies in your abilities to train and coach your downline members and help them achieve the income level and skill set that will make them financially free to work from anywhere on the planet with nothing more than a mobile phone and a laptop!

Here's a few Free Online Training Videos to help you to first choose the best product and company for you to associate with. This first set of 8 videos is by a Top Gun MLM Attorney who has consulted for hundreds of Network Marketing companies:

Next are 7 Free Videos from the best generic training and recruiting MLM system that works for any program or company you choose to align yourself with.

This blog was created by Steve Shulenski. If you are looking for a great product and company with leaders who can really help you achieve your
goals Steve invites you to visit his website: and see if Kakadu Juice is the right choice for you!

Please feel free to contact me for additional Free Training and Tips!

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