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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The best explanation of why most Network Marketers fail was expressed best by internet marketer Mark Joyner who said . . . "Isn't MLM all about leveraging Word of Mouth? If Word of Mouth is so great, then why do 95% of these so-called "MLM" companies fail? It has to do with the difference between what I call "Incentivized Word of Mouth" and "Inspired Word of Mouth." MLM, affiliate marketing, bribed tell-a-friend forms, and the like are all "incentivized." That's people telling people for the promise of some reward. "Tell your friends about our new widget and we'll give you a shiny trinket for every one who buys." "Inspired Word of Mouth" comes from a customer's spontaneous desire to tell someone about the product. That's people telling people because they love the product so much they want others to know."

I have to agree because most Network Marketers try to sell a product and opportunity primarily to make money. Now profit is not a dirty word. However if it wasn't for the income opportunity, most people would not recommend that their friends should buy overpriced, overhyped products. Nor would they try to get them to push their opportunity or products onto others just so they can make a dollar off of their involvement.

The 2% who win are those who fall in love with their products first and then feel inspired to share them simply because the product is that good! They naturally want their friends to benefit from the products even if there was no way they would ever profit from their word of mouth marketing.

Everyone already does Network Marketing. Have you ever recommended a new book, movie or restaurant to others without being paid to do so? Well that's inspired network marketing... one person sharing something they liked with others for free. Simple right? Well then, what's the problem?

The problem with network marketing comes when you stand the chance to make money off of your recommendations. If you choose overhyped, overpriced products and focus on selling dreams instead of being inspired to simply share a great product, most people will pull away from your pushing those things on them because they feel your true motivation is to make money off of them. In other words, you are "Incentivized" to make a profit rather than "Inspired" to share really good life changing products with them. They assume you are in it only for the money and your high priced products serve as a poor disguise to cover up your real motivation. So be honest with yourself. Are you really "Inspired" by your companies products and know that they are special and unique plus not available from anywhere else and are priced fairly? Or are you just "Incentivized" to make money off of your fiends and family by trying to flog off overpriced products that can often be found for less in retail stores?

To be one of the 2% who win you must find a product that "Inspries You" A product that benefits people so much that you will naturally be "Inspired" to share it with all of your friends and loved ones even if you knew you would never earn a profit from doing so. Once you have that, you'll then need an easy to duplicate system like a Kakadu "K-Pod" for sharing that product with others. A good system will let the strength and goodness of the products do most of the, talking / selling and sorting for you. Remember, systems are duplicable, personalities are not, so no matter how good your product is your distributors need a simple sponsoring and recruiting system that works with or without them.

Then you can honestly tell everyone... "Hey... try this... I think you'll like the great chocolate taste and it will make you feel simply wonderful.! It doesn't matter if you purchase any or not. It's so good I'm simply "Inspired" to share it with you. Don't take my word for it, just take my K-Pod home with you and watch the video, taste the sample and if you don't love Australia's Best Kept Secret, no worries mate, just pass my K-Pod along to someone else who may benefit from it."

If you haven't yet found a product or company that truly inspires you I invite you to take a close look at Australia's Best Kept Secret, "Kakadu Juice". I believe it's a product that is so good that you just may find yourself being inspired to greatness!

From some of the world's harshest landscapes ~ comes the world's most nutritious plant foods like: Kakadu Plum which holds the World Record for Vitamin C content, Tasmanian Pepper Berry hailed as the World's Strongest Antioxidant food and a polygodial-rich food plant traditionally used as a bush medicine by indigenous Aboriginals of Australia. illawarra plum A very close rival to the pepper berry for the title of strongest antioxidant. Plus a host of other super potent plant foods like; Blueberries, Quandong, Wild Rosella, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Cherry, Flax, Barley Grass, and Grape Seed.

This Blog was created by Steve Shulenski from his home at the southern tip of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Steve invites anyone interested in learning more about Kakadu Juice and how to be among the first to profit from it to visit

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